OblinArk Delivers Technology

Localized energy production, energy where it is needed.
A comparative low cost solution to run in river hydro kinetic power generation

OblinArk Built @ TCFabs Plesley Vale Mansfiled

The Ark is based on a boat design with an integral series of water wheels. Its size is fully scale able and modular, dependent on the local environment. There is no reason why versions several times larger than the first production models cannot be built and implemented.

OblinArk Specifications

Type Length Height Width Draft Req flow Weight
25KW 12.19M 2.59M 2.44M 250mm – 750mm 1.5 – 6m/s 6500kg
90KW 24.5M 2.85M 4.7M 250mm – 750mm 2.5 – 6m/s 22600kg
180K 24.5M 2.85M 4.7M 250mm – 750mm 4.0 – 6m/s 24900kg

Levelised Energy Costs

Comparing OblinArk against published DECC hydro costs

41 Year LEC per MWh
90 Kw OblinArk £48
180Kw OblinArk £42
DECC 2011 Hydro < 5MW – Low £68
DECC 2011 Hydro <5MW – medium £105
DECC 2011 Hydro <5MW – High £217

Click the image for the review of generation costs and deployment potential of renewable electricity technologies  in the UK

Flexibility Offers flexibility to re-position the OblinArk into the ideal location should conditions change.

Located anywhere on the water way, which has a suitable mooring and water velocity.

With its low draft, allows delivery to the remotest of locations


The world’s top 10 rivers are ideal for using this approach to energy generation

River Locations Length in miles
Nile Africa 4180
Amazon South America 3912
Mississippi USA 3710
yangtze China 3602
Ob Russia 3459
Yellow China 2900
Yenisei Russia 2800
Parana South America 2795
Irtish Russia 2758
Zaire (Congo) Congo 2716
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