OblinArk Proposal for equity funding / trade sale



The Management of OblinArk Limited have designed a Floating Water Wheel that will generate income under the government backed feed in tariffs.

Management are looking for an equity investor to support the development of the OblinArks opportunities.

River Locations Length in miles
Nile Africa 4180
Amazon South America 3912
Mississippi USA 3710
Yangtze China 3602
Ob Russia 3459
Yellow China 2900
Yenisei Russia 2800
Parana South America 2795
Irtish Russia 2758
Zaire (Congo) Congo 2716
Management Team

Brannan Tempest MD (52), Bringing to Oblin Holdings Ltd not only the Ark concept itself but a rare mix of business development in IT services and Electronic Engineering and a long history of entrepreneurial success. He provides a solid foundation to move the business through its development and launch programme. Other current on going clients include the Crossrail project in London and Vickers Defense.

Steve Walker (53),  Steve has over 25 years experience in the power industry and has a wealth of knowledge both in related IT and also technical data. He has many strong utility industry contacts together with a sound knowledge of industry tariffs that will be invaluable moving forward. Having an MBA and being Managing Director of a successful IT business consultancy working in Utilities, Retail & Leisure and Finance sectors will provide a strong background in business management. Steve will bring this focus to develop the business relationships, marketing and day to day running once the project is established.

Craig Tempest (47), Craig has more than 10 years relevant industry experience with specific qualifications in the hydro sector. He has many years experience in sewer and surface water monitoring, making him invaluable in developing the correct product profiles.

Oblin Group UK
Oblin Utility PV Partner UK
Oblin Wind and Logistics Partner Morocco
Oblin Energy Storage Partner UK
Oblin Waste To Energy Partner Australia
Oblin Green Hyrogen/Ammonia Partner Morocco
Oblin IT Project Management Partner UK
Oblin Asian Partne Myanmar,Thailand and Cambodia
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