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February 2020. The opportunity to take OblinArk to Myanmar(Burma) is an exciting challenge to change so many lives, by providing the basic needs of power, water and sanitation, is an opportunity not to be missed. Myanmar (Burma) is a country where energy supply is critical to future development of its infrastructure across the country, its people and its economy as a whole.

February 2019 Having successfully acquired the controlling share of Clean Marine Ltd and Clean Marine Holdings Ltd, OblinArk is aiming to make full use of the Thames tidal power and provide off grid power to electric craft in the heart of London opposite Big Ben and the houses of parliament.

January 2016 Hydro FIT Tariffs < 100kW 8.54p/kWh – 100-2000kW 6.14p/kWh – >2000kW 4.43p/kWh

Oblinark @ Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

November 2015 Corners and curves at The Hepworth Gallery @HepworthGallery

November 2015 OblinArk Ltd is proud to announce that it has secured a 2nd round of funding. Our calculations from the current design shows a pay back within 2 to 3 years. We remain open to other global collaborative investment.

October 2015 New 200Kw Harvester

Two Wheel Version
Two Wheel Version In Water

May – June 2014 Government requested surveys for Africa and Indonesia

October 2013 OblinArk finalist for the Innovation category of the  HP Smart Business Awards 2013.

Hewlett Packard Awards London
Steven Walker and Brannan Tempest

April 2013 OblinArk Client surveys now ordered for Zambia.

March 2013 OblinArk to build 25KW 40ft ISO Container type hydrokinetic generator.

July 2013 Lemonroyd-90-SID Rides the floods Video – Successful Commisioning of Lemonroyd-90-SID Video

Dec 2013 Successful switch on and passed DNO G59/2 Witness Testing

December 2012 – Launch of “Lemonroyd 90 Sid”. Video  +  Gallery

September 2012 APEM Ltd publish “OblinArk Fish Impact Report”    

August 2012 – Planning permission granted for “OblinArk”          

Works In river licence for Lemonroyd granted            

Order for “Lemonroyd 90 Sid” 90KW Ark place

Initial investment secure

November 2912 Investment presentation at Y.A.B.A

September 2010 The Concept was born


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